5 Warning Signs You May Need To Replace Your Hot Water Heater

A hot water heater helps the whole house run smoothly.Water is a vital resource in any home. You use it for countless things ranging from cooking and cleaning to taking showers and using the toilet. 

Sometimes, you need hot water to do certain activities. These include:

  • Washing dishes
  • Taking baths 

With time, however, your water heater may not function as well as you want. So how do you know it’s time to make hot water heater repairs? The following are some warning signs that you may need to replace your hot water heater.

1. Your Water Heater Is Aging

Well, most water heaters have a lifespan of eight to ten years. After that period, they often stop working correctly, thus requiring replacement. If you are not sure how old your water heater is, look at the serial number on it. It is often written on a sticker on the device. Insert the serial number on the manufacturer's website to learn about your water heater. Even if your old heater doesn't show any signs of being faulty, you should plan to replace it soon. That way, you will not be too surprised if it fails suddenly.  

2. It’s Producing Strange Noise

Your water heater may start producing rambling and banging noises as it gets older. As soon as it begins producing these sounds, you ought to get a replacement. One cause of noises may be sediment buildup. As heating and reheating of the water occur, the bottom of your tank may accumulate sediments. Over time, they begin to harden and grow thicker, making the water heater wear down rapidly.

3. Your Tap Produces Rusty Water

Continuous exposure of metal to water will eventually lead to corrosion after the sacrificial anode is exhausted. This corrosion causes your heater to rust. The presence of rust indicates that the water heater needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Rust could be coming from your water heater itself or the pipes leading to your faucet. Either way, rust is an early warning for future problems. Act promptly to avoid having to stay for days without hot water. 

4. Hot Water Doesn’t Last

The functionality of your water heater may start to worsen because of its age. If getting warm water in your home becomes an issue, this is a sign you need to replace your water heater. It would be best if you got an expert to look at the issue and carry out the repair.

5. Water Puddle Next to the Heater

If there are water puddles around the tank, you need to replace the heater as soon as possible. The tank undergoes expansion and contraction several times because of the heat, and this may cause fractures. 
Be sure to replace the tank before it bursts. Leaks may cause further damage like soaked carpeting or destruction of electronics.

Get Help with Your Hot Water Heater From Qualified, Experienced Plumbers

There is no denying that a faulty water heater can be a great inconvenience. Fortunately, at Heaney Plumbing & Heating, we are well-equipped to advise you on proper hot water heater maintenance and also handle any water heater replacement. Contact us as soon as you see any warning signs; we will be glad to help.

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