Indoor Air Quality

Safe & Effective Indoor Air Quality Services in Southeast Michigan  

Safe and Effective Indoor Air Quality Services Our team has decades of experience helping families breathe easier with year-round clean air.

Considering how cold the Metro Detroit region gets during the winter, most residents spend much of the season huddled in their homes. This means you’ll be breathing the air inside almost without interruption, making it critical for you to keep that air clean. 

At Heaney Plumbing & Heating, we have extensive experience providing indoor air quality installations and repairs for residential customers. Operating out of Mt. Clemens, Michigan, we offer air quality services to homes and apartments all over the Tri-County area. Our goal is to keep all our customers safe from disease and respiratory issues, allowing you to breathe free all year long.

Indoor Air Quality Services from an Experienced Provider

There are many factors that contribute to air quality issues, and it’s essential to take all of them into account. 

  • Dirty Filters - Your home’s ventilation system uses filters to remove mold spores, dust and other particles from the air. However, filters become dirty over time, preventing them from reliably cleaning the air. Our team will inspect every filter in your home and clean, or replace, any that have become too dirty to function. We can also advise you on upgrading to new filters that are more effective or will last longer.
  • Poor Ventilation - Besides its filters, your ventilation system itself may have issues. If air isn’t circulating regularly around your home, moisture and particles build up in each room. Not only does this harm air quality, but it increases the risk of a mold outbreak. Our team will inspect your ventilation system and fix any problems that prevent it from circulating the air. We will also make sure that the system is properly suited to the shape and size of your home, and if it isn’t, we’ll advise you on replacing or upgrading it.
  • Mold & Dust - No matter how good your ventilation system is at circulating air, if there is a large source of mold or dust in your home, your air won’t be clean. As experienced plumbers, we can solve a range of mold problems on our own and will recommend other professionals to handle any issues that we cannot.

We are committed to making our services as widely available as possible. We proudly provide labor cost discounts and financing options to ensure that you can afford any service you need! To schedule a service, contact us today!