4 Ways to Improve Air Quality This Spring

Changing your home's air filter is just one thing you can do to improve your home's indoor air quality. The stale winter indoors now draws to a close, and the fresh air is on the way. 

The spring showers and temperature shifts can send the humidity through the roof in your home. Nature also is waking up and coming to life again. As beautiful as this awakening is, this blooming season can also be a time where allergens get out of control.

Keep reading to learn what steps you can take this spring to give your home spring air quality improvement

1. Get Allergen-Rated Filters

Let’s break this down. First, make sure to get filters regularly and install them properly. The next layer is to get the right kind of filter. Ensure your filters are allergen-rated to protect your HVAC system and protect your family's health. 

2. Take Advantage of an Air Cleaner

An air cleaner is a great step to take if you or a family member has allergic sensitivities to pollen, dust, or other airborne particulates. Air cleaners will select and remove dust, mildew, mold, pollen, pet hair, and more from your home’s air.

3. Ventilate Your Home Thoroughly

If humid air in your home can’t get out, impure air gets trapped inside. Your bathroom and kitchen are huge sticking points. Make sure these two rooms get vented quickly after use to get rid of moisture and pollutants.

4. Use a Dehumidifier

The dry season is over. With spring, new and often too much moisture can get trapped in your home. A dehumidifier will help you manage the humidity in your home. This moisture management will help to prevent mildew and mold growth.

Manage Your Home’s Air Quality with the Right Partner

Your home's indoor air quality is important in protecting the breathing health of your family. Make sure to take the steps above to take a big step in improving your home's air quality. If you need more help, call in the experts like those at Heaney Plumbing and Heating. Our technicians have training on both plumbing, heating, and cooling so they will be able to give you complete and tailored service for your needs.

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