Hot Water Heater Services

Warm Water Solutions: Michigan's Leading Hot Water Service  

Hot Water Heater Repair & Installation | Heaney Plumbing & Heating - warm-waterIn a climate as cold as Southeast Michigan’s, hot water is a health and hygiene necessity. 

Without reliable heating, you can’t shower, wash your dishes or complete other activities that involve water. Heaney Plumbing & Heating ensures that all Metro Detroit homeowners can heat their water reliably and efficiently. As a professional heating and plumbing company with nearly five decades of experience, we install new water heaters and repair existing ones. With our help, you can count on hot water throughout the year for your shower, laundry and cleaning needs.

Hot Water Heater Installation from a Licensed Professional

Heaney Plumbing & Heating carries a range of hot water heater products and has the training and experience to install each of them seamlessly in your home. In providing these installation services, we uphold:

  • Energy Efficiency - Heaney Plumbing & Heating carries the most efficient water heaters on the market, and we boost this efficiency by wiring and insulating them as effectively as possible. In this way, we keep your winter gas or electric bill to a minimum while minimizing your impact on the environment.
  • Reliable Heating - By selecting the perfect water heater for your house or apartment and giving it a reliable supply of all the electricity or gas it needs, we provide services that will work well for the long run. Not only does this mean you can count on hot water under any circumstances, but it also spares you from the cost and effort of needing water heater repair services.
  • Health & Safety - Both gas and electric water heaters present safety issues; the former can leak, while the latter may draw too much power or spark an electrical fire. We keep these and all other risks to a minimum, providing you and your family with peace of mind as you heat your water.

Heaney Plumbing & Heating offers a variety of financing options to make new water heaters affordable, as well as a discount on labor costs. Our goal is to give every family in the region safe, reliable and efficient water heating.

Rapid Water Heater Repair Services

Besides installing new heaters, the Heaney team repairs existing ones. We service a variety of different water heater brands and products, striving to provide:

  • Swift Solutions - When you report a problem with your water heater, our team will travel to your house as quickly as we can and perform repairs within a matter of hours. 
  • Comprehensive Service - In repairing your heater, we seek to not only get it working in the short run, but prevent it from breaking again. For this reason, we examine your heater in detail, get to the root of the problem and resolve it fully.
  • Reliable Inspections - Even when there isn’t any noticeable problem with your heater, our team is happy to inspect it. Through regular inspections, we catch mechanical issues before they happen and prevent future damage.

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