Water Line Re-Piping & Repair

Water Line Re-Piping Services in Southeast Michigan

A plumber fixing a sinkWater line problems take many forms, from damaged and broken pipes, to rust and decay. 

As a home or property owner in the Metro Detroit area, fixing water line problems is essential in ensuring safe water for yourself, your family and your tenants. With Heaney Plumbing & Heating, you can resolve every variety of water line issue as soon as it arises. As an experienced plumber operating out of Mt. Clemens, Michigan, we provide quick, effective water line repairs and replacements throughout the Detroit area.

Water Line Services from Metro Detroit’s Plumbing Experts

With nearly five decades of experience providing water line repairs in Southeast Michigan, Heaney Plumbing & Heating is prepared for every manner of plumbing problem, including:

  • Damaged and Broken Pipes - If your pipes aren’t fitting properly together, you face a high risk of clogs and leaks. Our team knows how to re-pipe any parts of your water lines that are misshapen or poorly fit. Not only does this resolve existing plumbing problems, but it decreases the risk of future clogs and leaks.
  • External Infiltration - Tree roots, ice and other growing or expanding objects can come in contact with your pipes, breaking them open or crushing them. This leads to clogs and leaks and can contaminate your water supply. Heaney Plumbing & Heating removes these objects while repairing the affected pipes. We can also re-pipe your water lines to keep them out of the path of potential infiltrating objects. 
  • Rust & Mold - If one of your pipes has sprung a leak or water has become caught in it for a long time, rust and mold may start to develop on and around the lines. This immediately reduces the quality of your water while leading to severe plumbing damage in the long run. Our team will identify all of the pipes that have been compromised in this way and replace them.

Heaney Plumbing & Heating understands just how critical it is to fix pipe issues as soon as they arise, which is why we give you every incentive to be proactive about any plumbing issue. For your convenience, we provide a 10% discount on the cost of our labor, as well as a variety of financing options. Combined with our low prices and proven results, we make quality plumbing available for all Metro Detroit area residents.

To request additional information about our water line services or to schedule a service, contact us today!